Monday, 1 March 2010

Just 4 Fun

This year, just for fun, we decided to have a Space themed party to celebrate Pete's 10th birthday. The space theme left us wide open to include include everything in any space film from the last 30 years; from Luke Skywalker to Mikey from Monsters Inc.

We dressed up and gave out glow in the dark wands.
We decorated monster cupcakes and made kiwi aliens.
The kids had a blast.
For decorations we were able to use some space/time themed quilts that the kids had made years ago for a Festival of Quilts children's competition. And with the left over fabric, stashed away all those years I decided to make a space themed table runner. I'll write more about the table runner tomorrow.

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Angie said...

Happy 10th Birthday to Pete! What a wonderful party theme! Fun day! Great idea for the selvage table runner. I've been saving selvages too. But, it's taking a while to get a good collection going. Thanks for sharing the party pictures!