Tuesday, 2 March 2010

End Notes

Did you know that selvage can be spelled two ways? Since I started following Karen Griska's selvage blog I've been saving selvages. When we decided to have a Space themed party to celebrate Pete's 10th Birthday, I wanted to make a table runner. I had some great fabric that would be fun to work with. I also had a pile of selvedges that I'd been saving. I've been wanting to use them but wasn't sure how.

Then I got an idea. Peter was turning 10. I thought that I could use the color dots on the selvedges that went up to 10. And , of course, count downs from 10 went well with the space theme.

While I was counting dots I started finding some fun words and it occurred to me that I could piece them together to make a message. Martha is such an unusual name, I couldn't believe my luck when I came across it on the edge of some Rowan fabric.

Finally, my daughter Rosie decided to use the neat gadget on my Janome 6600 to write some sayings of our own. I machine quilted this one off the frame for a change, using neon color and glow in the dark threads from Superior. It all came together quickly and Pete thought it was neat.

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