Tuesday, 22 June 2010

British Summer Time

Yesterday was the longest day. Happy mid-summer! Today was such a gorgeous day sunny, warm, low humidity. It's British summertime in full swing. We were able to eat our evening meal outside. It was lovely!
I've been working on the smaller sized flag blocks. My little kids asked if I was making flags because of the World Cup (for you American gals this is English football frenzy time) I said, "No!" I'm not really all that interested in what counts as football on either side of the Atlantic. I'm having fun with the extended asterisk flag blocks. I'm choosing fabric that reminds me of things English. I think I'll call the quilt 'Best of British'.

On sunny days these remind me of beach umbrellas but usually they call to mind the rain

and whatever the weather, lots of lovely tea, in blue china cups. Speaking of tea, my kids told me this joke this morning;  
"What's the difference between England and a teabag?"
"A tea bag stays in the cup longer!" 


Trudi said...

The blocks are as glorious as the weather! I love the title too!

Martha said...

Thanks Trudi. Looks like we all have Asterisks fever! I'm chuffed about the Big Ben bit in the middle. I matched it up purely by accident!