Thursday, 17 June 2010

Union Jack Blocks

I've been looking around for a good way to make some Union Jack blocks. I need them for a top I'm planning to feature in the next DVD in the Line Dancing series. Yesterday, while I was visiting the Selvedge Blog I found the perfect block and a fantastic tutorial too! Those 'asterisks' just needed a little extending go British.  Just what I needed, fast and fun too. These blocks were made by doubling the block/strip in the tutorial and adding another 4 inches to the block length. (12" X 16") They're very 'more-ish'. I can't wait to try them in lots of fabric combinations. Now I'm going to play with a smaller size too.



Shevvy said...

Hi. Union Jack blocks seem to be a common theme at the moment.
Lynne has made a tutorial here that you may be interested in. It is still not 100% accurate as she chose to make it symmetrical, but most people wouldn't notice.


Martha said...

Funny you should mention her, I found Lynne's union jack tutorial just this afternoon.I joined her union jack flickr group to have a look around.I been finding all sorts of great stuff! Thanks for the tip, Shevvy.

Trudi said...

Love the astericks block, I'm doing the ORB quiltalong with a pile of Wildwood, and have a stack of Amy Butler fabrics to use Lynne's block for my month for the virtual quilting bee I belong too! See you on the flikr group Martha!