Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dance Class

Today I taught a bunch of High School and College kids how to do the waltz. It was great fun. I love ballroom dancing but I haven't really taught dance since I got married and moved to England.The kids are going to be in a film re-enacting a Victorian ball in a stately home called Gainsborough Hall.  The film crew had hoped to use a local dance troupe for the shoot, but the dance troupe was unreliable. So we decided to use volunteers and teach them ourselves. We used the same method featured in our La Mer DVD; first, learn the steps, then move with it across the dance floor and finally try not to bump into the other dancers. In machine quilting we call this 'minding your spacing'. It worked a treat. By the end of the session, everyone was dancing and laughing and enjoying something that they hadn't expected to. What a great day! They are really going to look fantastic in costume.


SandyQuilts said...

Oh I just love it.

Last year we taught our neighbors (father & daughter) do waltz. We are not professionals but they looked good during the father/daughter wedding dance.

Dance makes the world go around.

Martha said...

We had a father/daughter pair today as well. At the start I wasn't sure who had come with whom, so I just paired everybody up, even the people who were taxi-ing their kids. Everybody danced. But at the end this dad was dancing with his daughter - she was only 16 but I grinned and thought that someday in the future at her wedding perhaps the waltzing might come in handy.