Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sew Magazine

I was surprised and delighted when a couple of the editors from Sew magazine rang up to ask if I would like to be featured in their July issue. I spent years advertising in patchwork and quilting magazines so it made for a nice change to have them come to me. They were interested in the New English Quilting frame as an example of machine accessories for clever quilting. 

While they were researching the frame they found the blog and liked that too. We had a nice chat as I explained that what I like best about blogging was being connected. I see my blog as a jumping off point, valuable because it points people to other blogs which in turn point people to other blogs, and so on. It's such a fun way to go around the world, meeting new people and learning  new skills. If you click on the photo below you should be able to read the article.

So a couple of weeks ago, I sent some text and photos and just yesterday received my copy through the post. Being used to magazines that focus exclusively on quilting, it was fun to see quilting&patchwork set in the broader context of sewing. I'm tickled (chuffed) to be included! I've thoroughly enjoyed the read and I'm even inspired to try some non-patchwork and quilting sewing projects.


Nedra said...

Congratulations Martha! I will be looking for that issue now, so I can read all about your feature. I think it's wonderful that you have been honored for the many contributions you have made in the quilting world.

Barbara said...

How exciting. Congratulations.

Martha said...

Thanks Nedra and Barbara! The blog editor from Sew magazine was interested in my idea about a 'blog hop' feature - showing how hopping from blog to blog can be a fantastic journey! I'm hoping to get the opportunity in the future to point people in your direction!