Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Free Demo's

a sideways stack of quilts
 One of the best ways to see our New English Quilting frames is to come for a demo. They're free! And they're fun and they can last as long as you like.We're based in Lincolnshire, right in the middle of the country. For people coming any distance there is a cosy B&B right across the street and the charming Petwood Hotel in the next village.

loading the Maple Leaf on the 8 foot NEQ2 frame
We'll start with tea or coffee and cakes. We have the New English Quilter frame set up with the JUKI TL98P sewing machine and a variety of Superior Threads all ready for you to try. Then there is my stack of quilts and sample pieces to give you an idea of the kind of quilting projects that are possible. 

finding the centre of the backing
We'll take the frame and table apart and put it back together again. And we'll demonstrate how to load a quilt sandwich on the frame. There is plenty of time for questions. There is no queue or audience and no pressure.  

pinning the backing fabric to the first leader
Many people come for a demo because they're thinking about buying a machine quilting frame and want the chance to try it first. It's the ideal way to get a proper view of the frame, how it works and all the possibilities that this kind of tool opens up. Shows like the Festival of Quilts are exciting and give the opportunity for thousand of people to see and try it out. But a personal demonstration is much more peaceful and thorough!

backing, wadding and top pinned to the first leader
We also offer free demo's for people who are coming to collect a frame they have already purchased. We spend a couple of hours going through the set up and quilt loading options. We talk about sewing machines and how to get the best performance using them on a frame. We look at lots of quilts and talk about how to execute all sorts of quilting designs. We try out lots of threads and finally we spend a bit of time with pen and paper modelling how to become more fluent with new line designs.

Auditioning thread Seashell #807 Rainbows  from Superior Threads
We pack a lot of information into a couple of hours. But it is well worth the effort because the new owners leave confident and happy with heads buzzing with all sorts of new ideas. The demo helps them to get up and running when they get home.We're having a demo tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

lots of inspiration

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