Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Test Drive a New English Quilter

 Maggie wanted a test drive. She'd seen our New English Quilter frames online and liked them better than any of the others. But she still needed to try them for herself. So Maggie came for a demo with her friend Jenny. It's always a good idea to bring a friend or husband along. Maggie brought both! Men and women see the frame quite differently. Men tend to notice the thought that went into the design and especially just how well the frame has been put together. Men wax lyrical about the ratchets and the screws and they love that it's made here in the UK.

Women tend to focus more on what the frame will do, how it can be used to complete quilts more quickly and comfortably and to a much higher standard. Two heads are better than one, and three are better yet. Jenny was a brilliant person for Maggie to bring. As an experienced long arm quilter, Jenny knew what to look for in a frame. She could compare it to her Gammill and confirm that yes, the New English Quilter did move just as smoothly for a fraction of the cost. It was much much easier to set up and take down and was just the right size to fit into Maggie's available space at home.

Coming for a test drive helped Maggie decide that the 8 foot NEQ2 was just the right frame for her. This size frame would enable to to complete bed sized quilts up to queen and smaller projects too. She's ordered a JUKI TL98P sewing machine as well as the table and the Nifty Grip speed control handles that replace the foot pedal. Maggie will come again to collect her frame is a couple of weeks time. She'll enjoy the next demo even more. Then we'll pack her new 8 foot NEQ2 frame, table and Juki TL98P Nifty Grips in the car and she'll head off home. With two free demo's under her belt she'll be definitely ready to roll when she get's home!

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Peggy Olson said...

I can't find much on the net about your machine quilter. Are you still in business? If so, where are they sold in the US?