Sunday, 10 March 2013

April Retreat

Spring comes to Woodhall Spa
Spring into spring with our April Machine Quilting Retreat at the Petwood Hotel. The Petwood is such a popular venue especially in the Spring and Summer months, that we've struggled to book retreat dates. When they said that Sunday and Monday nights were much more  available we decided to change our days to go around the corner of the weekend. This April 2012 Retreat will start on Sunday and finish on Tuesday. Monday will be our main teaching day, with Sunday for arrivals and getting acquainted and Tuesday morning for winding things up. We've also got a larger room with a bit more space to spread out. It's a way to make new friends and learn new skills.

Our retreats attract a wide variety of people. Some are just beginning to machine quilt on a frame, others are more experienced. Some are traditional and some are edgy and Arty. Put them all together and great things happen. We'll be introducing new line designs and teaching you how to extend and adapt designs you already know.We'll focus on frame fluency to gain confidence creating a bold and flowing line of stitching. It's just fun to get away form it all and make new friends while learning new skills.

We already have a few bookings, email or ring with any questions.
01526 678057

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