Friday, 22 March 2013

Lalla Ward's Vanishing Act

has a new exhibition coming up at the National Theatre called Vanishing Act
It's staged as an encore applauding
Lalla's penchant for flora, fauna and fibre so admired in her previous exhibitions

Lalla's exquisitely stitched textile pieces capture the amazing ability of many animals, reptiles, amphibians and insects to blend in with their natural environments.

It's a clever idea, brilliantly executed. 
moth by Lalla Ward  rests on artisan bowl by Nick Kettlewell
The camouflage theme plays out across a wide variety of materials ranging
from hand turned wooden bowls to meticulously stitched moths

Lalla with her sketch book

Lalla's work has a curious impact on the viewer.
It draws you in as you look ...again and again... to find
what's hidden in plain sight

Viewers often ask Lalla how she creates her pieces. So as a new feature of the exhibition, Lalla will stage a mini-mock-up of her work space, offering a behind the scenes glimpse of  the tools, materials and techniques that she uses to stitch the pieces.


Vanishing Act
by textile artist Lalla Ward
on show at the National Theatre
April 1st through May 12th
Be sure to catch it before it disappears!

Lalla's textile art work was stitched using a
JUKI straight stitch TL98P sewing machine 
with a wide variety of Superior Threads. You can see them on display 
at the National Theatre through out the exhibition. 
The Vanishing Act exhibition is Free! 

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