Sunday, 17 March 2013

Going for a song

Emily, Jill, Martha and Rose at the Houston Quilt Festival
I've got a Stateside 6 foot Art Quilter frame going for a song. We used the frames at the big Houston Quilt show last year. They've been resting  in storage and are in great shape. But now I'd like to get them to a good home. The 8 foot NEQ2 frame has already gone to Lou Ann in Washington State. It just arrived on Saturday and she's delighted! She's already got it set up and ready to go. Look how happy it is to be out of the box!

Lou Ann's 8 foot NEQ2 all set up
 I love the table. At 8 foot by 4 foot, Lou Ann can use the other side for cutting. What a great use of space!

Now we need to find a good home for the 6 foot Art Quilter. This frame is the perfect size for smaller baby, kiddie and single bed quilts. It's perfect for charity quilts too and it's ideal for the textile artist. 

The 6 foot Art Quilter - perfect for smaller quilts
6 foot Art Quilter for $999 + shipping  
(usually $1699 USDollars)

If you're interested email me quick!

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