Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Behind the scenes

Nick setting up the camera
We've been busy working on  a new project these past several weeks.  JUKI Europe has commissioned us to produce a series of short video clips that showcase JUKI sewing machines.  Here are a few sneak peeks behind the scenes at our recent filming sessions.

Nick Loven and Judi Walker
 It's been such an exciting project. We're using women of different ages, speaking different languages, using JUKI sewing machines in real homes to create all sort of different projects ranging from piecing to dressmaking, from general sewing to making cushions and curtains.

Judi showing how easy it is to make professional buttonholes
 Multi-talented Judi Walker is showing us button holes she's just made with the JUKI Exceed button hole attachment.

Nick and Emily setting us some close up shots

The Juki Exceed 600 has been quite the star of the show. we've been highlighting all the amazing features. We wanted to show the machines in real life home settings. This session was filmed in our dining room.

Hiroko, Judi and Martha

It's been exciting to bring so many different people together around a common theme. Soon you'll be able to view our video clips on JUKI websites throughout Europe.

Nick and Emily getting more close ups of the JUKI Exceed 600

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Rebecca Lynne said...

I'm thinking of trying a Juki F600. How is it to quilt on? It is not a computerized machine brand that is popular/known amongst modern online quilt bloggers (the Juki 2010q is but I haven't found anything on the Exceed line amongst my fellow bloggers). I'd love to learn more!