Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Denim and Roses

The new Magnifico range from Superior Threads
Lots of requests are coming in  for thread to go with denim. So I'm posting about the new Magnifico range from Superior Threads. With 200 colours to choose from, you're bound to find just the right shade of blue to go with your jeans.

Denim Blues in Magnifico from Superior Threads

Magnifico is a new Trilobal polyester range from Superior Threads. It glows like silk. It's strong and long with 3,000 yards on the cone. The strength and beauty make it an ideal choice for long arm quilters. 

just a few of the blues

This premium high tenacity Magnifico thread is a real break-through. Before we had to choose between strength and beauty. We could have one OR the other. If we choose pretty threads they were likely to break going high speed through the quilting machines. Then there were the stronger threads that coped with the speed but they were a bit boring. Now we can have both!

some pinks in the Magnifico range
 We've got the beauty of the rose and the strength of denim all in one glorious thread. The price is glorious too just £9.99 for a 3,000 yd cone. That's a lot of thread for your money!

the Magnifico real thrad colour booklet helps you choose just the right colour

Not keen on blue and pink? No problem! With 200 colours to choose from you're bound to find just the colour you need. The Magnifico real thread colour shade booklet is available here in the UK for £9.99. The real thread colour cards help you match the thread to your fabrics perfectly. So you can order thread by phone or online and be confident that you've got the right colour. I'm sending the next order on Monday afternoon March 18th. If you want something particular let me know by phone or email and I'll include you on my list.

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